The Worth Fit Collective is a monthly membership club and group of people striving to make overall quality of life better through nutrition, fitness and general wellness practices.

Each month I will host a live training on a particular health topic to help you meet your fitness goals! You’ll also be a part of the collective idea sharing, support, encouragement and motivation from the badasses in the group.

Get inspired and stay connected with other like minded individuals.


Ice Cream Party


Should you join the collective? THIS GROUP IS FOR YOU IF YOU NEED:

  • Support
  • Mindset shifts
  • Meal prep and recipes
  • A judgement-free zone
  • Workout tips and fitness help
  • Motivation from others crushing it
  • Step-by-step teachings on topics you choose
  • To be a part of something bigger than yourself
  • Nutrition, Fitness, and overall Wellness resources
  • Access to Coach Kierstin + other like-minded people
  • Tools to enhance your success and show you the way


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Monthly Live Webinars……………………. Teaching Topics examples: Macros/Flexible dieting, Meal prep, Workouts, Cardio, Life Hacks, Self care, Mindset, Time Management, and whatever the heck YOU want – once a month. Topics are chosen BY you, FOR you – A monthly survey of the members determines the teaching for the month [TOTAL VALUE $500]

Q&A Access to Kierstin……….……………. Q&A Time to get direct feedback from me on what you’re working on [TOTAL VALUE $500]

Collective Facebook Community……….. Exclusive group for collaborations, recipe sharing, encouragement, and the newest updates on the industry. [TOTAL VALUE: PRICELESS]


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Still not sure?

  • If you want to save yourself time by learning through other people’s mistakes and experiences
  • If you want endless support and encouragement
  • If you’ve ever thought about taking a nutrition course but don’t have the time, the money and don’t necessarily need the certification.
  • if you want a coach, want accountability, want help but for some WACK reason you simply cannot afford one-on-one coaching at the moment
  • if you want me to be your coach in the future but you want to make some advances to your health now
  • if you’re currently being coached by me and wondering what’s going to happen when your current program ends. 
  • if you just want to stay up to day on the current health, fitness and nutrition trends
  • if you work in the health or fitness realm and you want to inspire others to lead a more healthy life  (you can use this as a write off!)
  • if you have kids and you don’t want them to grow old with the same fears and pains you currently have
  • if you constantly think about how you need to do something for your health and fitness.

If any one of the above statements sounds familiar, you belong in the collective. Join the community today!

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