“I knew I need to make an investment in my health. After 16 weeks my confidence is much higher. I got compliments all the times people ask me what I was doing and I sought in the mirror. I have a six pack, my legs were more defined and my back my arms look great. Kiersten has given me a lot, I’m very grateful for her efforts her time and the fact that she does care about how I’m feeling emotionally and physically which makes a big difference.” -Tammy K.

“Kierstin has dedicated an enormous amount of her time to me, has generously shared her knowledge with me, and has been a huge emotional support for me through all of my competitions. I truly believe her primary concern is your overall health and happiness and I can tell you I’m sitting here today happier with my body and my self image than I ever have been, and it’s because she gave me the tools to put my health and fitness in my own control.” -Tabitha C.

“Kierstin has helped me to reach and even exceed my goals for this past competition season.  She was with me every step of the way giving me guidance, encouragement and tough love when needed.  She helped to become more in tune with my body and learn to utilize food to reach maximum results with my training.  Whether you are looking to compete or just adapt a healthier lifestyle,  this woman is the best, and will undoubtedly help you reach your goals.” Jessica P.

“Kierstin has been an absolute pleasure to work to with! I was never uncomfortable coming to her about “TMI” topics or days that I slipped up with following my plan. In turn, Kierstin is both accommodating and understanding as long as you communicate with her. I came to Kierstin at the end of March/beginning of April initially looking to shed some pounds to get ready for summer and ended up deciding to prep for a photoshoot to document my fitness journey thus far bebore my upcoming 30th birthday at the end of the year. Kierstin provided me with the necessary tools I needed to accomplish this, which I am more than happy to say we did! I am thrilled with my transformation (a scale weight loss of roughly 17lbs) and the unedited photos look fabulous.” Meredith

“She’s great about balancing it out for you. You’ll feel great and you’ll look great! There’s also a time I wanted to call it quits and Kiersten wouldn’t let me. She gave me the push I needed to keep going. It was at that time that I really began to respect her even more because she gave me exactly what I needed in that moment. She won’t allow you to fail. She will coach you through, she’ll be there for you, and she’ll put her 100% into you.” Vanessa L.

“Kierstin has helped me get on track. She’s helped me set and achieve goals by providing help with strategy, motivation and accountability! She’s soft spoken, but mighty!” -Marla W

“Kierstin has helped (and currently still helping) change my relationship with food into something more positive, challenging me with workouts that are really changing the way I feel, but most importantly she has given me confidence in so many aspects of my life.” -Maddie F

“Kierstin is very knowledgeable and passionate in her work. It is so refreshing to meet such a relatable, genuine coach. I believe with her motivation skills, inspiration and knowledge, she can help anyone reach their goals!”

“Kierstin is so passionate about helping others! She really goes above and beyond! This challenge was so motivating and inspiring! I enjoyed all of the great information she gave, as well as the positivity from her and the others in the group.”

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