🍽No Diet Works Forever, Macros Do

Have you ever had some success with a particular diet or training program and then when you tried to do it again you didn’t get the same results?🤔🤔 When you figure out what works for your body -whether it be training or diet- you need to understand that that’s what’s working for your body RIGHTContinue reading “🍽No Diet Works Forever, Macros Do”


  Eating less than your target macros in hopes you’d make more progress – undereating causes metabolic issues. Even in a deficit, you want to make sure your eating sufficient amounts. If you’re constantly undereating your macros then your set point is lower and its harder to make accurate adjustments later on. Trying to hitContinue reading “🍽BIGGEST MISTAKES WHEN STARTING MACROS”

🍽Don’t Use MyFitnessPal’s Macro Goals

You watched my 3 day video series (If you haven’t you can watch it here)… You downloaded MyFitnessPal (If you haven’t its in your app store)… You entered your stats… It gave you “goals”… Now you’re wondering if these are right?   The answer is probably NOT! MyFitnessPal needs to up their game. SERIOUSLY! MFPContinue reading “🍽Don’t Use MyFitnessPal’s Macro Goals”

Macronutrients: A 3-legged Stool

The Importance of Macronutrients In simple terms, macronutrients are foods that are required in large amounts in the human diet to be able to sustain life. There are three macronutrients: Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat. Each plays a big part in supplying energy and calories to your body. I like to think of macronutrients as aContinue reading “Macronutrients: A 3-legged Stool”