Why is it so hard for Petites?

You were dealt a short-hand (literally) and it sucks! I know it, because I was too.  Since we’re not gonna get any taller, we gotta start thinking like a petite when it comes to our bodies. In the past, you’ve probably followed a fitness and nutrition programs that were meant for the general public, whichContinue reading “Why is it so hard for Petites?”


How to lose weight with less than 1 hour in the gym: NEAT: Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis or “the calories you burn when you aren’t working out.” To put it simply, NEAT is any activity besides eating and sleeping that burns calories- but not exercise specifically for the purpose of exercising. The NEAT factor plays anContinue reading “N.E.A.T.”

Should I compete?

Recently I received a direct message on Instagram from a young lady who was interested in competing. She claimed to have struggled with an eating disorder which quickly diminished when she started getting into weightlifting. She has a personal trainer who encourages her to compete however she feels nervous to get onstage and wanted toContinue reading “Should I compete?”