Calling All Petites…

who feel shorty & stubby
in every damn photo…

Do you want to feel like a GODDESS next time you take pics?

Oh god…if she posts any of these full body shots, I’ll murder her in her sleep with a rusty butter knife

If you know what this #shortgirlproblem feels like, then you also know what it feels like to…

👎🏻 Put so much time and effort into crafting the perfect outfit… only to HATE every full-body photo you take.

👎🏼 Serve all your best poses (those ones you’ve practiced in the mirror justttt to be sure)…only to see the final photos and realize you looked awkward AF in every single one.

👎🏾 Try your best to tone up your petite bod…only to end up in a downward spiral of questioning your self-worth (even after you hit DELETE on all the tragic photos mentioned above)…

Ugh. Girl, I get it.

I have lived those same exact frustrations. Pictures can be rough.

Every photo presents a new opportunity to critique, scrutinize, and tear ourselves apart.

But what I’ve come to realize as a used-to-be self-loathing #shortgirl myself is…

We can either allow pictures to flare up body image issues… 

OR we can use them to boost our confidence!

Real talk: I know you might not consider yourself “model material.”

Truth is… I never did either. 

I mean, I’m not ugly, but the only thing that makes me really stick out from the crowd is how short I am.

But with the right poses, you can capture the *highest* version of yourself — especially in that outfit you KNOW looks good as hell in the mirror.

What if I told you that the solution is…

❌ NOT a crash-diet or surgery
❌ NOT avoiding cameras
❌ NOT more filters & editing apps

Instead the solution is…

So get ready…

Because now, I’m sharing my petite posing tips that CONSISTENTLY help me

Appear taller in pictures

Confidently SLAY any photo opp

Book modeling gigs on the reg

Sit back & watch that steady stream of likes roll in 

Introducing the…

Petite Posing Guide

The quick yet comprehensive 17-page guide for babes under 5’3” to look longer and leaner in photos.

With just a few minor adjustments, you’ll go from feeling awkward AF to looking like a sexy little snack! — especially in that outfit you KNOW looks good as hell in the mirror.

The best part? You don’t even need a professional photographer to take amazing photos. Whether you’re taking selfies, candids with friends, or bribing your boyfriend to take your picture, use these petite posing tips to capture images you’re excited about!

What’s inside…

15 petite posing tips
to confidently SLAY
every photo opportunity.

SEE how these bite-sized tips make a BIG difference with before & afters.

BONUS petite fashion tips that will accentuate
your very best features.

So whether you just want to look a little leaner or you wanna get more compliments on how HOT you look… This one’s for you, babe!

Hey, I’m Kier 🙂

The 5-ft-nothin’ Petite Nutrition & Fitness Queen

I grew up in the age of MySpace when taking selfies on mom’s Sony camera was the “cool” thing to do. But, I’d only post selfies of my face because most full-body (or even half-body) shots made me look short & chunky. 

Fast-forward to the rise of Instagram… I was randomly given an opportunity to do a free photoshoot with a real photographer even though I had NO idea what I was doing. 

But, with expert guidance and posing cues, I CRUSHED IT. When I saw the images we created, I could not believe it was me!!! I looked so…. TALL!

Hungry for more, I began collaborating with more photographers. With years of practice and hundreds of shoots,  I picked up so many valuable tips and tricks to appear longer and leaner – even when I’m just taking candids with friends. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…

…if even on your most confident days, you feel like YOUR pictures are saying all the WRONG ones, then it’s time to FINALLY flip the self-shame script.

And the best part is, it won’t take months to get in shape to look your best in pics. In fact, it really only takes a few seconds and the right moves.