Petite Posing Guide


who put so much time & effort into crafting the perfect outfit…

…but you still cringe at how short & stubby you look in photos.

Imagine taking AMAZING photos you cannot wait to post with these proven petite posing hacks!

What’s the biggest difference between petites who post STELLAR photos….

….and petites who despise almost every picture they take? 

It’s all about #little posing tricks when it comes to looking your BEST in photos!

For most people, myself included, posing does not come naturally.

Standing only 5’0”, I had never considered myself “model material.” I mean, I wasn’t ugly, but the only thing that made me stick out from the crowd was how short I was.

And it was always SO frustrating to put so much effort into crafting the perfect outfit only to later see how chunky I looked in photos. “THAT IS NOT WHAT I LOOKED LIKE IN THE MIRROR!”

But with a little bit of practice, I figured out how to capture the best version of myself – without needing editing apps or filters.

Whether you’re striving to look a little taller or simply want to take photos you’re proud to post, I’ve got all the answers you need to *shine* at your next photo opp!

So that after you press share, all you have to do is sit back and watch that steady stream of likes come in. ♥️

Introducing the

Petite Posing Guide

The Ultimate Guide for Short Women To Look Leaner and Longer In Photos

The Petite Posing Guide is a collection of proven posing tricks, tips, and more, all of which have been strategically crafted to help women under 5’3″ love the way they look in photos.

With 15 posing tips, side by side photo comparisons and detailed instructions, you’ll be READY to own the camera and have captivating pics to prove it!


This is NOT another photo-editing filter that tricks your audience into thinking you’re someone you’re not. 

Instead, the Petite Posing Guide encourages you to capture the very best version of you that’s still true and authentic. There’s nothing wrong with making a few tiny posing adjustments to take better photos that will boost your self-confidence so you finally enjoy having your picture taken!

The best part? You don’t even need a professional photographer to get stellar photos. Whether you’re taking selfies, candids with friends, or bribing your boyfriend to take your picture, use these petite posing tips to capture images you’re HELLA excited about!

I created this guide for petite ladies just like you who want to look AMAZING AF in photos so that you can show up as your highest self and post photos you’re proud of! 

What’s Inside…

15 petite posing tips to confidently SLAY every photo opportunity.
($57 value)

With side by side comparisons, SEE how these bite-sized tips make a BIG difference.
($99 value)

BONUS Timeless petite fashion and styling tips that will accentuate your best features
($15 value)

Yours for just $5.33

Meet the Funsized Queen

I’m Kier – Published [petite] Model and expert counter-climber

I grew up in the age of MySpace when taking selfies on mom’s nice Sony camera was the cool thing to do. But I’d only post selfies of my face because most full-body (or even half-body) shots made me look short & chunky. 

Fast-forward to the rise of Instagram… I dreamed of having legit high-quality images that would help grow my following BUT I was a recent college grad who couldn’t afford a photographer – even if I had a true need for one. (#millenialproblems

When I was randomly given an opportunity to do a *free* photoshoot with an alumni friend, I graciously accepted even though I had NO idea what I was doing. 

I gave it a shot (pun intended) and to my own surprise I actually had way more FUN than I expected and the photos turned out INCREDIBLE! I could not believe it was me in the images! I looked so…. tall! And for once, I loved how I looked.

Hungry for more confidence-boosting photos I actually liked, I slowly began to network and collaborate with more photographers in my area. The more shoots I did, the more I learned how to position my body in ways that made me look my best.

From years of practice and hundreds of shoots, I not only feel extremely comfortable in front of a camera, but I picked up so many valuable tips and tricks to appear longer and leaner so that I take photos I’m proud to post!

Now, I can’t wait to share my secrets with other short babes like you for your next photo opportunity – whether it’s for the gram, at your wedding, or just candids with friends!

30-day money back guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied, I’m covering the cost.

I’ve obsessed over this guide for weeks and invested plenty of my own hard-earned income and time so I could offer a solution I’m not only wildly proud of, but one that works

That’s why, if you’re not as obsessed as I am, I’m giving you your money back. 

Take 30 days to explore the Petite Posing Guide. 

If after trying and practicing the poses, you still don’t look longer and leaner in your photos…

Just email with your pictures, and we’ll refund your money.



What if I’m not under 5’3”? Is this just for petite girls?

The information in this guide will help anyone look longer and leaner and increase their confidence in front of the camera. However, I will say, there comes a point in which a taller woman might not want to appear any taller than she already is – so if you’re that woman, only half of this guide will be valuable for you. (But if only half of this guide is valuable than it’s still a steal!)

Will I have to hire a photographer to use these tips?

Not at all! You don’t even need a professional photographer to take stellar photos. Whether you’re taking selfies, candids with friends, or bribing your boyfriend to take your picture, use these petite posing tips to capture images you’re HELLA excited about!

Can I really look longer and leaner without photoshop?

Abso-f*ckn-lutely. If you want to enhance the way you look but still want to show up as your true and authentic self, this guide will teach you EXACTLY how to make a few small adjustments without photo-editing apps.

Is this petite posing guide for me?

If you want to take better photos and feel confident posting them, this guide is definitely for you. 

What if I need this for tomorrow? 

With this instant download, you can start applying these tips within MINUTES!

I want to appear classy and elegant in my photos (not provocative). Will this guide help me do that?

ANSWER: TOTALLY! This guide encourages you to pose for photos in a way you feel most comfortable!

P.s. This guide costs as much as a Starbucks frappuccino. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose (but so many visual inches to gain)!