You’re under 5’4″ and struggling to lose body fat…

You know your portion sizes need to be smaller but you’re still hungry…

You feel out of place at the gym because the machines feel awkward and the weights feel too heavy… 

In the past, you’ve probably followed a fat loss program that was meant for the general public, which means people taller than you. You didn’t get the results you wanted and I’m here to tell you, it’s not your fault!

Your height is not what you have to overcome. Instead, you can eat smarter and train powerfully so that you can gain confidence and strength and it can all start with macros and muscle building.

In my 12 week signature coaching program, I teach you how to think like a petite when it come to selecting the right foods that tastes good in appropriate portions – because that is what your smaller body needs. I show you how to train with intent and intensity so that you torch the fat while sculpting lean muscle. I take pride in un-complicating nutrition and fitness concepts for short women, so it becomes easier to apply healthy habits for the long term. 

I am committed to meeting you where you’re at and gently pushing you to get to the place you want to be with practical solutions and strategies. When you follow my methods, specifically designed for petite women, you will lose up to 5-10lbs to look and feel confident and powerful!


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What’s included during these 12 weeks:

‘Master your Macros’ Course

You will be enrolled in my online course where you will learn how to master your macros using my proven framework and strategies. By the end of this step-by-step course, you will feel more confident in planning, preparing and enjoying food you love throughout the week, while hitting your customized target macro numbers each day. You can find more information about my course here!


Weekly Check-ins and Adjustments

Each week you will send front, back and side photos and complete a mandatory check-in form via email. Based on your progress & feedback, I make necessary adjustments to your customized plan to progress you toward your goal. Your plan is 100% customized and will include total daily macronutrient targets, nutrient timing instructions, water intake, supplement recommendations, and cardio.

libby2-01.pngWeekly S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting

With each check in, I expect you set at least one weekly SMART goals. SMART goals are specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and time-bound. I also expect you to evaluate last week’s SMART goal and define your progress. Good Example: I will drink 4-5 32oz water bottles per day so that I can reach my allowed target of 1 Gallon per day Bad Example: I will drink more water.

3 Strength Training Programs

Every 4 weeks you will receive a customized training program based on your goals, preferences, schedule, injuries(if any), and any other variables. Each program has 4-6 complete workouts that are to be performed throughout the week and includes specific directions on reps and sets along with video clips to explain each exercise.

libby2-02.png6 Strategy Calls

Month 1: Working together to hash out a meal plan you feel confident about using the strategies learned in the course, setting your overall goal during your time in the program together and hashing out any other question you may have. (2 – 60 minute calls)

Month 2: Fine tuning framework for your meal plan. Assessing what’s working, what’s not and action moving forward. (2 – 30 minute calls)

Month 3: Evaluating set backs in the strategy and any shifts in your goals. Discussing next steps with an action plan. (2 – 30 minute calls)


Facebook Group

You also will be invite to the private #Funsized Facebook group along with my other petite clients who are experiencing a similar journey as you. This group is intended to provide support, community and additional accountability to help you exceed your goals and achieve maximum greatness!


Who is this for?

  • Women under 5’4″ who want to transform her body composition
  • Already committed to the gym and eating pretty healthy but she’s tired of not seeing results
  • Women who thrive with structure and willing to accept advice
  • She’s not looking to compete but she admires a muscular physique
  • She wants to feel lean and strong


What do you need?

  • Desire to learn and discover yourself
  • MyfitnessPal
  • Access to a gym or fitness equipment 4-6x per week
  • Step Tracker
  • Facebook & Instagram


I take pride in getting to know my clients on a really personal level because individualization is a really important part of fitness and cultivating habits that are best for you. Because I want to give you the attention you truly deserve, I only accept a limited number of clients at a time. If you are ready to commit to yourself, apply to work with me and schedule your FREE discovery call to determine if we’re a good fit!







What if I have a full time job, kids, or both and I feel like this might be too much of a project to invest in?

Some of my most successful clients are working moms and you can do it too. I also have clients who are single moms with multiple jobs who have found that they enjoy the structure that my program gives them which actually helps them be MORE organized in their personal and work life.



I have allergies, intolerances, and/or I follow a specialty diet like vegan, paleo, whole30. Can you work with that?

Of course! Everything is customized to YOU. We work together to create meal plans with yummy foods that don’t upset your body and fit your needs!


I don’t have access to a traditional gym. Can I still complete your workouts?

Again, everything is customized to you depending upon what fitness equipment you have access to. Based on what you do have, I will create your fitness plan to fit you! At the bare minimum you will need resistance bands. However, you will have the most rapid success when you have access to a variety of equipment.


What if I feel too beginner to apply for coaching?

I help petite women from who come to me at various levels, including clients who have never even heard of the word “macronutrient”. I meet you where you’re at and I specialize in walking you through my processes to count macros and workout in a way that feels easy and fun.


Is this worth the cost?

I have increased my prices since I started due to demand for my time and the success of my clients. If you are scared about my program cost, I want to ask you where do you want your body to be in 3 or 6 months from now? If you want to create or improve your body in order to build confidence, then you need to invest in yourself and take action now. Women all over the world regret not starting sooner and the most successful fit women you see all over social media all have coaches – even me!


Do you offer payment plans for your coaching services?

Clients are responsible for paying monthly, at the beginning of each month that we work together. You can also pay for coaching services in full prior to starting your coaching with me.


Do you offer money back guarantees or refunds?

I do not offer refunds or money back guarantees. As your coach, I will guide you and coach using my framework. However, it is up to you to do the work to succeed.


I feel scared because I don’t have the money.

If you want to sculpt a body that your feel proud and confident in that gives you freedom, flexibility, power and respect, then you need to invest in yourself. When you pay, you pay attention and that results in long-term success. Like anything in life, nothing worth having is free and I come in to provide the strategy and foundation to start you off feeling confident and with systems in place to succeed.

How many hours per week do I need to invest in to benefit from your program?

Most of your workouts will take you 45-60 minutes a day or more (with 1-2 days off per week). Each chapter of my 6 week course will take you less than 20 minutes.  Once you establish the good habits as outlined in my course, counting macros will take you 15 minutes or less per day! Regardless, if you do not put in the work it takes, you will not succeed. If you don’t have 5-7 hours per week to commit to yourself, then you are not going to be a good fit for my program.

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