The Ultimate Guide for Women Under 5’3″ to Eat, Exercise, and Feel Powerfully Petite!

Learn how to easily implement petite-friendly self-care practices into your busy lifestyle.

This course is a realistic, straight to the point, no bullshit formula that will help you ditch the ‘diet’ mentality, solidify a realistic eating and exercise plan, practice mindfulness and reduce unnecessary stress that might be making you retain unwanted weight. 

A step-by-step blueprint to confidently design your own macro plan!

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about macros and how to track them in MyFitnessPal. You’ll also learn how to establish a macro plan that works for you, when to plan your macros according to my proven nutrient-timing framework, and when to adjust your macros to ensure that you are making progress toward your fat loss goals.

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