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Go from average to…


in as little as 16 weeks!

Just Imagine…

  • seeing new muscle definition in your arms, legs, and abs,
  • knowing exactly how to eat and workout according to your body
  • and having the confidence to do your first-ever photoshoot!

Introducing The Funsized Nutrition and Fitness Program—the ultimate solution for short girls to tone up and boost confidence without restrictive dieting.

This is not another fad diet or calorie-restrictive routine that will leave you feeling lethargic and hangry. Instead of cutting out carbs and doing hours of cardio, The Funsized Program empowers you to eat the foods you enjoy in the appropriate portions while lifting weights to sculpt sexy muscle and ultimately transform the look and shape of your body. 

I created this program for petite ladies just like you want to WOW the crowd and finally wear that crop top in public without an ounce of shame! Or better yet… finally do that photoshoot!

How It Works

In this intimate and personalized coaching experience, I will show you exactly how to alter your body composition by learning my simple macros method I’ve taught hundreds of petite women in my career as a Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer.

During this 16-week program, I will teach you everything you need to know about living a funsized healthy lifestyle, provide you with detailed instructions to meet your unique nutrition plan and customized workouts, and support you by providing the tools, accountability, and guidance needed for a transformation that lasts for the rest of your life.

What’s Included…

Nutrition will no longer feel like such a big mystery when you gain clarity
(aka learn HOW to plan your meals, WHAT foods to include and WHEN to eat them)
in my Mini Macros Course for petite women.

Fuel your body and torch body fat with foods you actually enjoy.

Stay on track and consistently hit your weight loss goals with ongoing guidance.

100% customized workouts with petite-friendly exercises will give you the greatest return for your efforts and lead to results you can SEE within weeks.

Feel in control as you check off daily assigned tasks and track your progress all in one seamless app.

Never fall “off the wagon” again with weekly accountability check-ins. We’ll work together to constantly tweak your plan over time to ensure you never hit that dreaded weight loss plateau—you can look forward to consistent, visible progress!

Experience the limitless, 24/7 support and accountability from like-minded (and like-sized!) ladies inside the exclusive Funsized Facebook Group.

With weekly video calls (60 min max) with me, you’ll always be seen, heard, and cared for. We’re in this together! 

With unlimited text message support 24/7, you’ll never be without my expert guidance—I’m just a few finger taps away!

“Kierstin taught me how to use macros the petite way.

“I loved working with Kier. She was personal, hands-on and encouraging. She meets you where you are and only builds you up from there. I loved how dedicated she was to me at all times (even when I had silly questions late at night or early in the morning!) She is 100% there for YOU.” -Michelle, 5’2″

“She taught me how to have a healthy relationship with food, taught me what macros are, and kept me challenged with workouts. Thank you Kierstin for every single coaching session/call and reminder to just keep going no matter what. I can finally say, I am proud of what I see in pictures. I am proud of my progress.” -Meghann, 4’10”

“Kierstin was extremely knowledgeable always motivated and encouraged me throughout the process. I’m glad I was able to have fun on the program too, everyday wasn’t perfect but it was overall a journey and still is. Thank you Kierstin for being an amazing coach!” – Sheena 5’1″

“I’ve always worked hard in the gym but never ate right honestly. Without you I probably would have never realized how simple it could be. I LOVE food and thought I’d have to miss out. Thank you so much for changing my life!” -Jennifer, 5’1″

“I’m so happy with this. I literally wish I had just said screw it and applied for your program sooner because I think it would have helped me so much more earlier on but I wouldn’t change a thing now!” -Felicity, 5’2″

“I have learned that I need more food to lose fat then I thought and getting enough steps and activity throughout the week is essential for success! Without Kier I couldn’t have learned all of this and lost about 15 pounds!” – Jenn, 5’1″

In 16 weeks, you finally achieve the weight loss and muscle building results that you haven’t seen with regular-sized programs!

Working harder won’t get you there, you have to work smarter.

By eating the right calories and portion sizes of food, focusing on muscle-building workouts, alongside a supportive community of petite women working towards the same goals, you will not give up on yourself this time around.

With this one-of-a-kind program, 24/7 accountability, and true connection, you will feel supported every step of the way so you truly lose the weight for good!


How much weight can I expect to lose? I’m so happy you asked this question! It’s going to look different for everyone. I’m all about realistic and gradual weight loss because that is the most sustainable. The lose-one-pound-a-week thing is way too drastic for us petites, unfortunately. I also do not require my clients weigh themselves because the number simply does not matter and I want them to focus more on the way they FEEL. Some of my clients don’t change much in weight but they always LOOK tighter and FEEL stronger after following my program and my favorite part is when they fit into their old clothes or wear things like crop tops that they never imagined they’d have the confidence to wear!

What if I’m a student, have a full time job, kids, or both and I feel like this might be too much of a project to invest in? Some of my most successful clients are working single moms! Most of my clients have found that they enjoy the structure that my program gives them which actually helps them be MORE organized in their personal and work life which allows them to make more time for other things in their lives. Besides, You know the saying: “you simply cannot pour from an empty cup.” Well, it’s so true! Making time for you makes you a better person for those around you.

I have allergies, intolerances, and/or I follow a specialty diet like vegan, paleo, whole30. Can you work with that? Of course! Everything is customized to YOU. We work together to create meal plans with yummy foods that don’t upset your tummy and make you feel your best! I want you to enjoy the foods you eat because then its much easier to stick to!

I don’t have access to a traditional gym. Can I still complete your workouts? Everything is customized to you depending upon what fitness equipment you have access to. Based on what you do have, I will create your fitness plan to fit you! At the bare minimum you will need resistance bands. However, I will say you will always have the most success when you have access to weights.

What if I feel too beginner to apply for coaching? I’ve helped petite women at all levels, including clients who have never even heard of the word “macronutrient”. I meet you where you’re at and I’ll go at a comfortable speed. I specialize in walking you through my processes in a way that feels easy and fun. Take a look at my bite-sized or pint-sizedcoaching programs if this fun-sized program feels like too much.

Do the exercises vary for each individual’s program? Do I get to share what exercises I like so you can tailor to that for my program? Or you will just design it the way you see fit?  Great question. EVERYTHING is customized to you. It’s based on your goals, your experience level and you the equipment you have available to you. I’ll have you fill out a little questionnaire before I create your first training program so that we are on the exact same page. Each training program lasts one month but of course I will make adjustments based on your feedback if need be. I also include suggested weights to use per exercise and leave a space for you to tell me what weights you actually use each workout and then as the weeks go on, I adjust the suggested weight to use. Remember, communication is everything. Nothing is dead-set in stone, its all pretty flexible based on what you need!!! I want you to enjoy this as much as possible because when you enjoy it, you’re more likely to stick to it and get the results you’re look for so I absolutely do take into consideration the things you like while challenging you just enough at the same time.

How long is the program? What if I need more time? The program is a minimum of 16 weeks (or 4 months). If you wish to continue receiving customized support after the 4 months, you will be able to continue on a month-to-month basis at a reduced price or you have the option of subscribing to my bite-sized or pint-sized coaching programs.

Will I get the program/content and be able to view and keep forever to use in the future? YUP! You can save all the material your receive throughout the program. 

I have invested a lot of time and money into other resources and nothing has helped. How is this different? I’ve been there first hand. I have spent countless dollars on professionals, supplements, and programs that promised to help me in my journey, but they didn’t. This customized program is a compilation of resources and practices that have helped me and many of my clients find balance with food, fitness, and their bodies. It isn’t a cookie cutter program about how to find the best way of eating or exercise. This is about taking action on your INDIVIDUALIZED needs. 

What happens if I find out I’m pregnant after I signed a contract with you? Of course that’s a very important thing to consider. This has actually happened before. The client I was working with had one month left when she found out she was pregnant. She had paid in full so I gave her the option of continuing with coaching (with the goal of supporting the baby, not weight loss), or pausing the program and coming back sometime after she gave birth. She decided to continue because she didn’t wanna leave money on the table. Same rules would apply to everyone else and IF that were to happen with you paying monthly, I’d terminate the contract once you told me you were pregnant. Simple as that!

I really want to do this, but I don’t think I can afford it at this time… It’s not a cost — it’s an INVESTMENT… IN YOU. Look at the ROI (the Return On Investment) instead. The life, health, joy, freedom, you get in return for the rest of your life ahead of you! Some of the most successful people in my course are the ones who “couldn’t afford” my program. These are the ones who are serious and committed to being successful. They find a way to afford it, because happiness is a priority in their life.​​​​​​ Can you afford not to invest in yourself? Think about all the money spent on supplements, powders, gym memberships, contest entry fees, food/meal prep, drugs, and TIME spent on all of this.. it’s about damn time you make one last smart investment in yourself and your health for long term sustainability, so you won’t have to be dependent upon all that shit anymore! All we’re doing here is exchanging value for value, between you and I – that’s how I’m able to continue to help you and others!

It all sounds amazing but I’m afraid I’ll fail… I understand this might feel like a major commitment, but if you’re really taking this serious you need to look at these things as an investment in your future. For a future of freedom, adventure and quality of life and for hope that it’s possible! Committing to something that is unknown, different, uncomfortable and that requires change of our beliefs, behaviors and habits is scary, confusing and frustrating. But commitment can also mean letting the information work on you as you just soak it up. What happens is, along the way, you may get these “aha moments” and that’s when it can all change and you end up realizing you were ready all along, you just needed to gain strength and momentum which is what hopefully my course information can help you do. Because knowledge is power! So you may not feel ready right now, but it can all shift. Everything we want is on the other side of fear. Everything we want is outside of our comfort zone. ​​​​​​And ask yourself this: when will you ever feel completely “ready?” You have to get to a point of being DONE, fed-up and ready to stop letting this control your life and steal your health. It’s time to commit, let go and trust yourself, your body and that you will be successful!

So the way I see it,
You have 2 options…

1. Keep ignoring the issue, avoiding the mirror, continuing to drown in your own misery……


2. Step into the path of the now-known food and fitness protocol for petite women, and go “all-in” with this kinda-weird, kinda-scary, kinda-fucking awesome FUNSIZED FORMULA!


When you sign up for my 16-week coaching program, you’ll receive a funsized crop top!