Petite MISTAKE: Inconsistent Steps

The importance of a wearing step tracker is all about awareness.  When you wear one and you monitor your activity, it shows you how active or inactive you are. Most of us think we are active, until we see start using step counter and we see how far off that 10k really is. And I’llContinue reading “Petite MISTAKE: Inconsistent Steps”

Best Fitness Equipment for Petites

Have you ever got on an elliptical and felt like the strides were too big?? Given a smaller stature, most fitness machines feel awkward!!! There are a lot of machines in the gym that just won’t fit you right. No matter how much you adjust the seat or the handles, some things just feel ‘off!’Continue reading “Best Fitness Equipment for Petites”

Why is it so hard for Petites?

You were dealt a short-hand (literally) and it sucks! I know it, because I was too.  Since we’re not gonna get any taller, we gotta start thinking like a petite when it comes to our bodies. In the past, you’ve probably followed a fitness and nutrition programs that were meant for the general public, whichContinue reading “Why is it so hard for Petites?”

3 Reasons Why Petites Should Build Muscle

Okay, so you want to be leaner and have less body fat, right? I totally feel you!  But here’s why you should change your ‘weight loss’ goal to ‘muscle building’….. —-1—- If you lose weight WITHOUT having muscle underneath… you’re not actually going to like how you look. You’re probably going to look ‘skinny fat’Continue reading “3 Reasons Why Petites Should Build Muscle”

The Perks of Being Funsized!

As they say, good things come in small packages! Being a tiny human can actually be a blessing and make life a lot easier! For example          More compact = Less likely to be injured Without getting to far into the science of how levers work, I’m just gonna leave you with this: the shorterContinue reading “The Perks of Being Funsized!”