Protein Bars?

A question I get from clients often is “If I don’t have access to whole/natural food, is a protein bar a good choice?” 🤔🤓 The truth is... Most protein bars are glorified candy bars. They are highly processed, filled with preservatives, sugar or sugar alcohols and stupid amounts of fiber.💩 It’s super important to check [...]


I LOVE FOOD. Really, I do. Buying it, preparing it, eating it. But more than anything... I love healthy foods. I love knowing that what I put into my body is going to give me fuel for any of life's obstacles. Whether that's a physical feat, practical task, or simply just a good night's sleep! [...]

Fitness industry gimmicks

There is so much bullshit out in the fitness industry about supplements, performance enhancers, and fancy accessories. Almost everyone is looking for and creating a quick fix. Let me give you a hint, if the company selling it to you requires you to continually buy it to retain desired results then it's a gimmick. If [...]


One very important term to live by in a healthy lifestyle is Balance. But even more than balance I want to talk about the term "variety." We already know the importance of having variety in our workouts and daily activities. Changing it up to keep the body constantly guessing and trying to adapt. So with [...]

Lessons of Lifting

"You earn your trophies at practice, you just pick them up at competitions" I've competed in several bodybuilding/physique competitions over the past two years. With never less than a 4th place finish, I've taken home 1-3 trophies from each show (due to crossovers, overall titles, etc). These trophies now consume an empty corner of my [...]