Dubsado for Small Businesses

It’s hard to imagine how I ever did “business” without a CRM (Customer Relationship Management). In fact, I think I was just using a notebook & flagged emails to keep track of client data and invoices (embarrassing, I know!) before Dubsado swept in as my knight in shining armor! And just in time too becauseContinue reading “Dubsado for Small Businesses”

66. Petite Ave — Personal Shopping for Women Under 5’5”

Summary Tired of spending money on alterations or wearing clothing that’s too long?     We thought so. Vanessa Youshaei is here to help.      Like most businesses, Petite Ave was born out of a desire to solve a personal challenge. Standing at 5’0’’, Petite Ave’s founder, Vanessa, always had trouble finding fashionable clothing that fit.Continue reading “66. Petite Ave — Personal Shopping for Women Under 5’5””


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Hi, I’m Kierstin. Being 5’0″, I know what it’s like to experience #shortgirlprobsespecially when it comes to health & fitness. Here, you’ll find tips, tricks and solutions to empower you to live a healthy lifestyle and be proud to be petite!

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