6 Healthy Habits of A Lean Petite

1. Lifts Weights The key to a petite’s metabolism is muscle. The more muscle, the faster her metabolism, the more food she can eat without gaining fat. How do you get more muscle? You gotta lift weights but more importantly, you gotta lift HEAVY (relative to your height, of course) . The nice thing is,Continue reading “6 Healthy Habits of A Lean Petite”

Petite Mistakes: Cheat Days

If you’ve ever given yourself a cheat day and watched your progress stalk for over a week, keep reading. You might have heard that throwing a cheat day once a week tricks your system into thinking food is plentiful and that it’s ok to burn through fat stores. And you might have heard cheat dayContinue reading “Petite Mistakes: Cheat Days”

Petite Mistake: Calorie Calculators

It seems odd (yet somehow believable) when nutritionists, personal trainers, and calorie calculators tell short girls who are active to eat around 1000 calories per day.⁠ As a short girl myself who works out often, let me tell you why this sucks:⁠ 1000 cal is hard to adhere to It’s hard to get enough protein,Continue reading “Petite Mistake: Calorie Calculators”

10 Ways to Prevent Stress Eating

Listen here or Read below I feel like the world’s biggest stress-eater sometimes. I love food and it’s just so comforting. There have been times in my life where I’ve been so stressed out that I find myself spoon deep into the peanut butter jar at 2am. There have been times where I came homeContinue reading “10 Ways to Prevent Stress Eating”

How to Stay on Track while Traveling

There are so many different categories and possibilities of circumstances on trips! For example, You could be flying across the country for an event with a set itinerary and god-knows if the hotel room has a mini fridge. You could be driving to a vacation rental home so you have a full kitchen but youContinue reading “How to Stay on Track while Traveling”