What’s the biggest difference between
LADIES UNDER 5’3” who sculpt toned muscle

…and those who wake up thinking “Ugh. I just don’t have any motivation”?

If you guessed creepin’ all over Instagram and Youtube for the next best HIIT workout… you’d be wrong.🙅🏻‍♀️

If you guessed group cardio classes or performing a circuit of gym machines… you’d be wrong.🙅🏻‍♀️

And, if you guessed waiting for the next popular fitness program designed for people of average height (only to be left feeling frustrated and defeated yet again)… YEP! You’d still be wrong.🙅🏻‍♀️

Because here’s the thing…

Lean Ladies Of Our Size Follow These 3 Little “Rules”…

Train With Intent To Strengthen

You don’t need me to tell you how important it is to incorporate workout… you already know! But it’s not as simple as just working up a sweat. With our petite bodies, building muscle through progressive & evidence-based strength training is key to a high-speed metabolism!

Make Petite-Friendly Exercise Modifications

With our slightly-shorter-than-average limbs, it’s time to ditch those ‘standard’ exercises that just FEEL extremely awkward and modify exercises in ways that align with our short stature. It’s not only safer but wayyyy more effective.

View Your Height As An Advantage
not a limitation

There’s a lot to celebrate about being short. For one, we don’t need all the heavy-a$$ dumbbells on the gym rack to have killer workouts. Or even better… our compact bodies allow us to have more visually appealing muscle tone than taller peeps!

The good news is:
Finding Workouts That FIT Your Petite Needs JUST GOT EASIER.

Because now I’m giving you the petite-friendly program you NEED so you can…

✔️Sculpt lean, SEXY Muscles

✔️Get yo BUTT off the couch… and looking hella fine!
✔️Stay motivated AF while watching your strength steadily increase

Introducing the…


The ULTIMATE progressive strength-training program for women under 5’3″ to look & feel powerfully petite!

This app is home to simple, strength-building, evidence-based workouts designed for the petite woman who is ready to consistently train in a way that aligns with her short stature!


This is NOT another one-and-done 12-week cookie-cutter PDF spreadsheet.

This is ALSO NOT another vault of thousands of workouts to choose from that will overwhelm you to the point of exhaustion before you even start the sweat sesh… (Ugh!!!) 

INSTEAD, This is a carefully crafted monthly workout subscription where each month you’ll receive a *brand booty-spankin’ new* structured training program created for petite ladies ONLY.

Each month/program consists of 5 no-bullshit workout sessions that include safe exercises for petites with specific set & rep targets and to-the-point exercise video demonstrations so that you never have to second-guess yourself while working out.  

AND THE ICING ON THE CAKE? (mmm cake) This app makes your life a helluv-allot EASIER to track & compare your progress all in one place!

By logging the weights you use, reps you complete, body measurements, and progress photos, you will literally watch your strength (and muscle tone) steadily increase week-to-week — which makes it more likely that you’ll be consistent because when it comes to working out, one of the best ways of keeping motivation SKY HIGH is by celebrating your progress – no matter how small!  

Basically, it’s the ultimate app for petites who want to truly tone up.


Workouts Designed for
Ladies Under 5’3”

Follow a *new* petite-friendly program every 4-5 weeks. Each program consists of 5 workouts per week with specific set & rep targets that should take ~30-45 minutes.

Petite-Friendly Exercises

Perform exercises that fit your frame and optimize your workouts for real results.

130+ Petite Exercise
Video Tutorials

Performed by a petite for a petite
so that you can follow along and know you’re performing each and every movement correctly.

Organized Progress Tracking

Stay motivated AF while watching your strength (and muscle tone) steadily increase by tracking the weights you use, body measurements, and uploading progress photos. You can even log your own cardio, free-style workouts, AND sync MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, and/or Apple watch so your fit sh*t is all in ONE spot.

In-app Messaging

Get support directly from your Funsized coach as well as your new petite pals…

Funsized Community & Support Group

Connect with other women in your app group for support, resources, monthly contests, Q&A’s and more!

BONUS: Exclusive Discounts

from Funsized affiliates like Lacuna Fit Leggings, Petite Ave fashion box, Pamcakes protein pancakes, and so much more!

Pick Your Plan

Designed for the busy bee who’s short on time or who’s always traveling but has a little bit of floor space to utilize.

At minimum, you’ll need:
-a yoga mat’s worth of floor space 
-mini loop band
-band with handles OR superband(long loop)
-20 minutes or less

Designed for a home-body who has a decent collection of muscle-building gadgets & gizmos.

At minimum, you’ll need:
-dumbbells (~5-20lbs)
-mini loop bands
-yoga mat

Designed for the gym-goer who wants to utilize all-the-things that align with her short stature.

You’ll need access to:
←everything in ‘home’ plus…
-squat rack or smith machine
-cable machine with varying attachments
-leg press, lat pulldown, etc.

*if you have all this in your home gym, choose this option!*

Want to switch programs?
Totally can do! Hop between plans whenever life changes or your goals shift.


Here’s what you need to know…

Having me write your workouts for you from scratch
will cost you a few hundred $$ per month.
With the Funsized Fitness App, you’re getting that same exact
expertise and attention for a MAD fraction of the price. 

With the Funsized Fitness App
Subscription, you’ll get

✔️Monthly Petite Training Programs
✔️Organized Progress Tracking
✔️On-going Support & Community
✔️Exclusive Discounts from Funsized Affiliates

All for monthly payments of $24.97

Cancel any time. No fees. No hard-feelings.

Meet The Funsized Queen

Hi, I’m Kier — Petite Fitness & Nutrition Specialist

If there’s one thing I learned as a petite, it’s that we deserve better! 

Over the last 8 years, I’ve helped hundreds of ladies under 5’3” boost body confidence by toning up!

That’s why I’m all about helping you train in a way that aligns with your petite body so that you can feel ah-maz-ing


P.S. Here’s the real deal…

75+% of petites reading this will save this page while they “Think about it”…
Only to forget or lose the link entirely in a sea of saved URLs.

As a result of their inaction, they’ll find themselves stuck in the same place a year, two years, five years from now…
…convinced their problem is lack of motivation.

Instead of taking 30 days to test out the Funsized Fitness App, they’ll continue to feel sluggish, lost, & lousy.

Don’t be that girl.

Questions? Hit me up!
Email kierstincifelli@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you personally

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