I was always really short…

As a teen, while all my friends were growing taller, I seemed to be only growing wider. I tried to lose weight via exercise and I felt like I tried everything but my weight wouldn’t budge.

Once I put some attention on my eating, I started to actually see the changes I wanted. I was skinnier, I looked strong, and for the first time, I actually felt confident and proud to be petite

But even then I wasn’t completely happy. Something wasn’t right. 

I felt restricted. I felt like I couldn’t enjoy social situations without fearing weight gain. I felt like my new found life, although exciting, was extremely exhausting and total insanity. My seemingly healthy yet actually stressful lifestyle was wreaking havoc on my delicate little body.

I was forced to slow down and evaluate how I had been unintentionally hurting my body for years by following protocols that were definitley designed for taller people. I finally realized that my health and fitness efforts were driven by a desire to find happiness but that was determined by my thoughts – not by body fat percentage, and certainly not by my height. 

After revamping everything I thought I knew about exercise and nutrition; tweaking it for my petite needs, relearning what self-care really means; practicing mindfulness; creating a lifestyle that is easy to implement, and putting all those pieces together like a puzzle, I have made my way back to being able to not just survive, but to thrive.

And now, I’m empowering other petite women to take control of their own health and happiness by practicing self-care and self-love.

Kierstin was born and raised on Long Island, NY. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education from Flagler College in 2013 and now resides in St Augustine, FL. She became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer in 2013 and Precision Nutrition Certified Sports Nutrition Coach in 2015.  She has competed in over 11 fitness competitions earning professional status. She is also a published fitness & swimsuit model.

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