Hey, I’m Kier!

The Nutrition & Fitness Coach for Females Under 5’3″

Being only 5’0”, I experience #shortgirlproblems all. the. time.

Like having to climb the kitchen counters to reach the top shelf… 

Or worse… an extra 5lbs looking like 15lbs on us. 

That’s where my story begins. 

I wasn’t “fat” but I despised how chunky I looked – especially in photos next to my taller friends.  

I tried everything to lose weight out of pure vanity including cutting carbs, running my ass off, and buying countless supplements. But I couldn’t stay motivated or consistent on my own, so I’d end up back at square one. 

Eventually, I started training for bikini competitions and before I knew it, my entire life changed. I had the confidence to wear bikinis and crop tops in public, I began working as a personal trainer, and I even started modelingsomething I never thought I could do as a petite woman!

However, for years I stayed stuck in a “dieting” mentality which only led me to cut out food groups, develop unhealthy exercise behaviors, amenorrhea, and even more body image issues.  

It wasn’t until I began studying nutrition when I realized my entire approach to “dieting” was ALL WRONG!

After a massive pity party (aka crying to my 6’1” boyfriend) about how hard it is for me as a short girl to lose weight safely, I realized most programs and approaches were designed for people of average height. 

In my efforts to regain my own health, I created a unique, balanced, and FUN approach that fit my petite needs. Not only do I feel more energized, saisated, and genuinely happy, but I look even more dazzling in photos now (I may have just hair flipped).

And when I noticed my most successful clients have been women under 5’3”, I felt a burning passion to go ALL IN on providing other short women with a unique strategy to make a confidence-boosting transformation of their own.

Now, I want to help more females under 5’3” learn how to use food and fitness in a healthy way via my Funsized 1:1 Coaching Program so they can look AND feel amazing AF!

Join my 1:1 program to boost your body confidence!

More about Kier…
  • Born and raised on Long Island in NY before moving to St Augustine, FL.
  • Earned her Bachelor’s Degrees in Art Education from Flagler College, FL in 2013.
  • Competed in 11 fitness competitions, with 2 overall titles and 14 trophies
  • Earned professional status in drug-free bikini and figure divisions
  • Published fitness & swimsuit model in several magazines
  • Host of ‘The Funsized Podcast’- a health and wellness podcast for petites.
  • Currently resides in Las Vegas, NV

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