Hey, I’m Kier!

The health coach for ladies under 5’3″

I’ve been climbing on the counters for as long as I can remember…

How else is a 5’0″ girl suppose to reach anything?!

(Especially a short girl who loves food)

But what’s harder than reaching the top shelf, was reaching my health and fitness goals.

hated my body composition. Specifically my belly pooch and thunder thighs. 

I felt like I tried EVERYTHING to lose body fat but my weight just wouldn’t budge.

I did Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, Insanity, Crossfit, etc….

Through all my failures, I slowly began to grasp that all of those programs were designed for someone of the average height – not for short girls.

And then it all clicked! (well, almost..)

I needed a different approach. One that fit MY height.

You see, it’s harder for petite women to be in a calorie deficit since we already don’t require as many calories as taller women AND we don’t burn nearly as much doing the exact same workout. It’s NOT fair!

That’s when I found it’s NOT about starving myself in a 500+ calorie deficit and doing brutal hardcore HIIT workouts as I did in the past…

Instead, it’s about creating a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle and making subtle changes each week to stimulate change.

And I began to see how the small weekly changes reflected in the mirror which helped me stay motivated and consistent and eventually yielded massive results.

After a several months of consistency, I looked strong, and for the first time, I actually felt confident and proud to be petite. 

And what’s better is I feel confident in what I’m doing to continue maintaining a healthy and lean body composition.

Now I teach petite women how to do the same, so they can not only transform their body composition like I did, but so they can continue living a healthy lifestyle long after my Funsized Program.

Kierstin was born and raised on Long Island in NY. She earned her Bachelor’s Degrees in Art Education from Flagler College, FL in 2013. She became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer shortly after graduation and started competing in bikini fitness competitions in 2014 where she developed a deep passion for nutrition and became a Precision Nutrition Certified Sports Nutrition Coach later that year. She has competed in over 11 fitness competitions, earning professional status in both drug-free bikini and figure divisions. She is also a published fitness, swimsuit and glamour model with several covers. Kierstin is the host of ‘The Funsized Podcast’- a health and wellness podcast for petites. She may be little but she has a fierce passion for helping other petite women build muscle to lose fat so they can feel strong, sexy, and confident!