Dubsado for Small Businesses

It’s hard to imagine how I ever did “business” without a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

In fact, I think I was just using a notebook & flagged emails to keep track of client data and invoices (embarrassing, I know!) before Dubsado swept in as my knight in shining armor!

And just in time too because I feel like my clientele doubled once I had a legitimate & professional on-boarding system for my clients to know EXACTLY what they are getting when they enroll in my programs, sign digital contracts, complete invoices, AND schedule calls with me without all the unnecessary back & forth.

I joined Dubsado because I wanted a professional way to send contracts & invoices that would save me loads of time and could house all my client’s data.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was getting SO much more than that!

At first, I used only what I needed but over time I became more and more familiar with the platform. Once I learned how to set up workflows and amazing automation systems, Dubsado officially stole my heart.

Favorite Features:

  • Lead Capture Form- When a client is interest in my program, they fill out a form and that information goes directly to my portal. From there I have onboarding workflows set up so they automatically are emailed a scheduling link to book a free call with me.
  • Appointment Scheduler – I can sync the schedule with my apple calendar so my client know when I’m available. When they pick their time, we both get an email confirmation with the zoom link & the meeting automatically gets put into my calendar.
  • Project Proposal – After our initial call, I send out an email with the details of what’s included during my coaching programs. This allows my client to know what is expected of her and exactly what I will provide.
  • Digital contracts – Attach to the proposal is the contract so in a few simple clicks, she is ready to enroll. No printing, signing and re-uploading (how ancient is that process), just a simple process completed in seconds.
  • Invoices – Also according to the payment plan she chooses on the proposal, an invoice is automatically generated and she can pay as soon as she signs her. No more waiting for her response to manually generating an invoice and no more clients catching cold feet.
  • Packages – I have two payment options (in-full or monthly) in which I set up to be “packages” so that a client can choose whichever options she prefers on the proposal.
  • Reoccurring payments – Payment schedules are set up and automatically email to the client when they are due. I’ve also set up automatic payment reminders so that I don’t have to nag at missed payments anymore. My CRM does it for me.
  • Forms – Buh-bye ugly Google Forms! Now I can create beautiful and professional looking forms and surveys in a much more organized manner.
  • Canned Emails – Gone are the days where I have to copy emails from past clients, paste into new client emails and adjust the name/date/etc. Instead, I can write exactly what I would say in specific frequently used emails (like welcome emails, payment reminders, scheduling links, etc) and Dubsado fills in the fields with that client’s data.
  • Workflows – It took me a while to nail this one TBH but once I figured out exactly what I wanted my automation sequence to look like, I was able to build out a system that I now all I have to do is sit back and let my client & Dubsado do all the work to make it flow!
  • Logo & Brand colors – I love love LOVE that I have my logo on all invoices and forms I send to my clients. It also really makes me happy that I can set all my buttons to be my brand color.
  • Discounts – Every now and then I run a special and it’s so much easier to give a discount code to those clients rather than having to edit my original proposal/contract to reflect the changes.
  • Sub-Contracts – These work great for any other additional agreements between the client and I (like if she wishes to continue on a month-to-month basis after her contracted 4 months ends)
  • Reports – Income, Expenses, & Net income reports make it a hellavulot easier to do my taxes when the time comes.
  • Affiliation program – For every paid referral you send to Dubsado, you’ll earn a month free on your subscription. Plus the newcomer gets a 20% discount too. Interested? Click here to try it for free!

Features I don’t use:

  • tasks
  • time tracker

(pretty small in comparison to all the things Dubsado does for me!)

So in a nutshell, Dubsado is the bomb.com ! I have no idea where I’d be if it weren’t for Dubsado (actually, I could take a guess… it wouldn’t be nearly as awesome as where I am now!)

If you’re a small biz doing things the old school way, do yourself a favor and check it out: https://www.dubsado.com/?c=funsized (You can thank me later!)

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