Petite Meal Plan Example

This is an example of one single day of eating.

HOWEVER, don’t you dare think for a second that you can follow this exact meal plan and look like a cover model next month.

In order to make a serious change to your body it takes commitment to strategically adjusting macronutrients and periodized training over several consistent weeks. Which means that you should not eat the same meal plan over and over again for a month – because that’s just not healthy! 

This meal plan is a snap shot of a single day’s worth of food for a petite woman losing weight.

NOTE: For majority of people… Eating under 1500 calories is NOT enough food.⁠

But for some women under 5’4″ who want to lose body fat, a low calorie diet isn’t “wrong.”⁠

When those calories are coming from highly nutritious sources like those pictured above and if the macros are balanced throughout your day, then a low calorie diet DOES NOT mean she will be starving or restricted. ⁠

Eating 5-6x a day and counting macros (not just calories) has helps dozens of my petite clients to maximize the volume of food on their plate while also shedding body fat like crazy.

Here’s are the links to the recipes:

Meal 1: Petite Power Breakfast Bowl *

Meal 2: Grilled chicken breast, Roasted potatoes, Steamed green beans⁠

Meal 3: Air-fried hardboiled eggs ⁠

Meal 4: Protein Flatbread Pizza

Meal 5: Low carb Taco Salad 

Meal 6: Cottage cheese Nice cream 

⁠***This is not a meal plan for every petite woman. This is simply an example to show the volume of nutritious food one could be eating to reach specific weight loss goals.**** 

EVERY woman is different and should consult a nutritionist before eating in a low calorie diet. 
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One thought on “Petite Meal Plan Example

  1. I love these examples!
    I think it’s so important to show people visually what they should be eating and the portion sizes so that petite girls can really get an idea of what’s right for them.

    Great post, thanks!

    Sophie xo

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