🍽Brown Rice vs White Rice


Brown rice is commonly considered the healthier source. But this is just simply not true. We shouldn’t demonize either. They both have their time and place.

Brown rice is more nutrient dense and slower digesting BUT it will inhibit your body’s ability to break down protein and sugar. So the reason you feel so full after eating brown rice is because you’re slowing down the body’s ability to digest.

Theres also a very minimal difference on the glycemic index when comparing brown rive to white rice. Your blood sugar won’t be impacted nearly as much as you might have heard. –
White rice is faster digesting, yes. But that can actually be a good thing! Sometimes we need a quick source of energy like before or after exercise. 💪🏼

I eat jasmine white rice closer to my workouts and any activity when I want the carbohydrates as quick fuel. I also eat white rice when I’m aggressively cutting because I want my metabolism to burn through the energy quicker. I eat brown rice when I want to feel more satisfied for a longer duration. Maybe I know I won’t be eating for a while and I want something to hold me over longer.


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