Egg White vs Egg Yolk

Egg White Vs. Egg Yolk🍳
WARNING⚠️ This is a MYTH-BUSTING post!
Somewhere along the line egg yolks have been demonized for their higher fat and cholesterol content. While this is true, fat and cholesterol don’t make it a BAD food choice.🙅🏻‍♀️
Egg yolks contain protein, fats, and vitamins(A,D,E,K). The fats are essential for absorbing those fat soluble nutrients. Without the fats we wouldn’t be able to absorb said nutrients.
Egg whites contain only protein. They contain almost no nutrients.😱
When your goal is to get protein ONLY and rapidly, choose egg whites. But for all the other times, go for the whole egg because it will provide a broader range of nutrients.
Plus that yolk is what gives eggs flavor and are much easier to digest. In fact most egg allergies are due to the whites, not the yolks.🤯
As far as dietary cholesterols is concerned… The cholesterol found in eggs is not bad for you after all. The myth has been debunked: Dietary cholesterol has little to zero effect on bodily cholesterol! Contrary to popular belief, our bodies actually need some cholesterol for the production of hormones such as testosterone (don’t freak out ladies, we need a good balance of testosterone too!) Studies show that increasing the consumption of dietary cholesterol from natural sources less to greater performance and strength gains!💪🏼
Tip: When buying eggs, choose the organic omega-3 cage-free pasture-raised eggs!🥚

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