Secret to Avocados

How to keep avocados ….

How frustrating is it when you buy an avocado and you wait forever for it to ripen and then when it does you forget to use it or it goes bad before you even slice it open? This used to drive me mad


Until I figured out you can freeze them!⠀


I slice them in half and store them in little plastic ziploc baggies. (Some sources say to squeeze fresh lime on them to prevent the exposed flesh from turning dark but I’m not a huge fan of lime so I don’t even bother)⠀



When I want to use some avocado I take a slice out and let it thaw for about 30 min or until it returns to its natural creamy state!⠀


It might turn a little gray/brown but that’s ok, you can just scrap away that top layer and it should be perfectly green underneath 🙂

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