How to lose weight with less than 1 hour in the gym:

NEAT: Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis or “the calories you burn when you aren’t working out.”


To put it simply, NEAT is any activity besides eating and sleeping that burns calories- but not exercise specifically for the purpose of exercising. The NEAT factor plays an important role in weight loss yet is often overlooked.
Purposeful exercise in the gym usually gets all the attention in a weight loss program. While your workout is extremely important, it does not permit you to sit on your bum for the remainder of the day. Your workout is only 1 hour out of your day. What are you doing the other 15 hours or so? This is when adjusting your NEAT factor can have substantial effects.

Things like taking a shower, housework, walking the dog, and grocery shopping are all a part of your NEAT factor. Simply moving more and sitting less can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Just by increasing the length of time spent doing these things may help to stimulate greater fat loss. So brush your teeth a little longer, take the stairs, and park further from the store entrance to increase your NEAT!

Wearing a fitness device like a FitBit has personally helped me become more aware of my daily activities. If you don’t already have a wearable, I highly recommend investing in one. You may be surprised but how little you move throughout the day! The average American only makes about 3500 steps in a single day. An ideal step count is more like 10,000.

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