“Sorry, I can’t, I have to go eat”

She said

“Hold that thought- its time for me to eat”

“Ah, I really can’t, that falls during my eating window”

” I have to eat in 45 minutes, then I’ll go do ____”

“I went to bed late last night because I needed to get my last meal in”

The reactions I get when I say the above phrases are priceless. 95% of people I talk to on a daily basis have never been interested in competition prep and therefore do not understand the importance of meal timing. They look at me like I have 5 heads.

What they don’t know is that each night before I go to bed I envision the next day’s schedule. If I know I have clients in the morning, and a painting in the evening, I have to strategically structure my feeding times so I can fit my schedule and squeeze training somewhere in between.

I am constantly thinking about food and my next feeding. Some would say this is obsessive, some would even say this is an eating disorder. I call it discipline and dedication.

Every day is different and so I couldn’t give an example of a typical day but here’s the rules:

1. Eat every 3 hours: That means if I eat my first meal at 7:30, I must eat my second meal at 10:30. It’s not hard to count up 3 hours to remember that meal time. Also, about 45 minutes before that feeding time, my body already signals to me that its time to eat again. For me, its a pretty easy feat to accomplish each day.

2. Do not skip meals: I can’t skip meal 3 just because I want my meal 4 protein shake. Nor can I disregard meal 6 because its late and I’m tired. Each meal and each nutrient counts. Just like each set and each rep count.

3. Train around feeding times. This can be tricky especially if your workout gets interrupted. I want at least a half hour to digest my food before I take my pre-workout supplement, than another half hour start training. Say I eat at 10:30, I start training by 11:30. My workout takes me 45-60 minutes which brings me to about 12:30. Then I follow that up with 30 minutes of cardio which brings me to 1. Followed by 5 minutes in the Sauna and 10 minutes to collect myself and cool down. Bam, it’s 1:15 pm and I gotta eat at 1:30. Perfect 🙂

I’m not kidding when I say I strategically plan out my days the night before. I know what time I’ll be eating my last meal based on the time I eat my first meal. There is a method to my madness.

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