Preparation for preparation

I’m not going to say that I’ve been slacking the past few months but I have definitely been taking it easy, allowing my body to fully recover from the immense stress that I’ve been putting on myself(both physical and mental) I cut out most supplements except for multi-vitamins, fish oil, and protein. I still frequented the gym 5-6 days a week but solely focused on hypertrophy with decent rest intervals. I gave my body the nutrients it needed. Not depriving myself nor overloading. In doing so my body bounded back to homeostasis. Without a doubt I’ve gained muscle, but with that my body has been storing fat(typical bodybuilding bulking season). I look fuller than I did a year ago, and by fuller I mean more sturdy, durable, and muscular.

But now it is time to see what truly lies underneath. I’m fully prepared to prepare for competition.

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