Journey to CPT

I eat, sleep, and breathe fitness. In the free time that I do have I’m constantly browsing fitness articles, nutrition facts, supplement reviews, recipes, training techniques, etc. I have this burning passion for health and wellness. I’m gaining valuable knowledge but what for? Just for me? Why, that would be so selfish? Why not share this knowledge to help others? Why not use this knowledge to make a career that I love?

I’ve been thinking about becoming a personal trainer since I finished my initial transformation program. After sorting through various programs I finally decided that The National Academy of Sports Medicine would be the most beneficial, highly credited, and thorough certification to obtain. I strive to be the best, so why not learn from the best?!

I’ve taken to initial steps to become certified to begin helping others to achieve healthier lifestyles. But as with any new information, one will learn and retain the most knowledge when he or she can relate the information to his/her own life experiences. There are many things I’m learning about that I’ve already implemented in my own workouts and regiments.

I’ve practiced postural and fitness assessments on myself and found that I possess muscle imbalances, relative flexibility and altered movement patterns due to lifestyle, over active/under active muscles, lack of activation during exercise and possibly genetics. On top of that, I’m finally coming to acceptance with some things that I’ve been trying to ignore for quite some time. I’m not ready to reveal the specifics just yet but I will say that there are always many pieces to the puzzle. You cannot and will not see the entire picture unless all the pieces are connected properly.

So I’ve only been studying for 3 weeks but I’ve already learned so much! First and foremost, my goal is to learn how to help others. However, I find that I’m learning how to begin helping myself as well. I feel that there are many things that need to be corrected in my own health and fitness habits. These things will take a substantial amount of time to correct/reverse. In order to compete optimally in the future I must take these steps now to correct my imbalances. I must rebuild my foundation before I build my house for a strong house cannot be built on a weak foundation.

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