Meal Planning

1. Cook your meals in advance.
Plan ahead by cooking your food in bulk and ahead of time. If you’re like me you lead a very busy life. Its easy to get off track if your next meal isn’t waiting for you in the fridge or in your cooler. Pick two nights out of the week to cook in bulk. The most common split is Sundays and Wednesdays but find what works best for your schedule.
Personally I cook my meat(chicken, ground turkey, steak) complex carbs(sweet potato, brown rice) and veggies(seasonal) on Sunday nights. Then throughout he week if I have enough time to cook a nice homemade meal I will make one portion of tilapia to go along with already prepared carbs and veggies.
Also, I prepare my breakfast every individual morning but if you find that you are pressed for time in the morning then prepare out breakfast in advance as well. You could make hard boiled eggs and oatmeal in bulk/advance as well.

2. Divide your food into portions.
As soon as you finish cooking divide your food into tuber-ware containers. This ensures that you aren’t over eating. Weigh and measure your protein and complex carbs then fill the rest of your container with veggies. Have fun with it! I know it might sound boring to eat the same thing over and over again but that’s when you need to have fun with it by adding your favorite seasoning combinations. Check out my article on how to flavor your food!

3. Eat every 2-4 hours.
Find what works for you. I like every 3-4 hours but most males can get away with every 2 hours. Eating often and regularly will keep your metabolism firing and energy levels high.

4. Always carry water with you.
Whether you keep a case of water in your car, a gallon jug at your desk or your cute and fashionable water bottle in your bag or all three!. Again, find what works for you. Feeling hungry? Drink more water!


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