Kierstin Cifelli

for Females Under 5’3″
who truly want to tone up
and feel confident AF.

So you want to lose weight?

Let me guess…
  • You’re a petite gal who isn’t satisfied about how you look in the the mirror or photos.
  • You’re not obese by any means but you’d feel better if you lost 5-25 pounds.
  • And not for nothing but… you’re a high-achiever at most things in life. You just haven’t seemed to get a good grip on this whole eating and exercise thing. 
  • You know having a killer strategy and legit accountability partner is essential to toning up that body and let’s face it, you’re ready to level up.
Now, you just need that perfect petite protocol to learn exactly what to do to get real results in a way that aligns with your lifestyle and actually feels good.

Hey Short-ie,

I’m Kier, the petite expert in nutrition and fitness. I know that petite women like you don’t just want to lose weight… You want to know exactly how to eat right, tone up, boost energy, radiate with confidence AND maintain that tiny & tight body for good. Well get ready, because I’m sharing my funsized secrets with pint-sized ladies everywhere!

Funsized Recipe Library

A collection of my fool-proof healthy recipes
that are quick, easy, and fun to eat!!

Real Results

Become a Funsized Babe!

Tune in for practical and actionable strategies for petite weight loss, muscle building, healthy eating, exercising, relationship strengthening, overall health, and so much more.

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