Have you ever been at a party or a gathering and avoided getting in the picture because you feel insecure?

You look away for an escape but someone grabs your arm and pulls you in anyway. You part your lips but you’re sure as hell not happy.

And then you pray they don’t post it!

That used to be me 6 years ago. But today I don’t shy away when I see a camera.

What’s changed? My health. My mindset. My strategy. I use nutritional concepts like macronutrient counting and nutrient timing to transform my body and dozens of women just like you who feel the way I once did.




My name is Kierstin Cifelli. I am a nutritionist and personal trainer who’s overcome insecurity and negative self-image and now I inspire women to overcome this too.  My mission is to TRANSFORM women from the inside so that they can feel and look their best on the outside!


I work 1:1 with a limited number of women, who are seeking to learn nutritional concepts and fitness strategies to lose fat and build lean muscle so they can feel and look confident!

Get start by applying to work with me!

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