Kierstin Cifelli

for Females Under 5’3″
who want to FEEL stronger and LOOK tighter.

Not here to play small?

Let me guess…
  • You’re a petite babe who hates that extra 5 pounds looks like 15 pounds on you.
  • You know you’re not obsese, but damn…you would just love to be lighter and tighter so that you can rock that crop top from 2018.
  • And you’re beyond frustrated after trying popular weight loss gimmicks (*cough* Skinny Tea *cough*) and not getting the results they promised.
Now, you need that perfect petite protocol to tone UP in a way that aligns with your height and feels good.

And to answer your question…no, it’s not too much to ask.

Hey Short-ie,

I’m Kier, the nutrition and fitness expert for ladies under 5’3″.

I know that petite women like you don’t just want to ‘lose weight’…

You want to tone up to have the *confidence* to wear crop tops on the reg AND maintain that tiny & tight body for realz so that you wake up each morning feeling empowered AF.

Struggling to find healthy recipes you actually enjoy?

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REAL Results

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