Kierstin Cifelli

for Females Under 5’3″
to look & feel

Do you experience #shortgirlproblems?

If so, you probably also…
  • hate that an extra 5 pounds looks like 15 pounds on you…
  • feel like your fitness goals are as far out of reach as the peanut butter jar on the top shelf at the grocery store…
  • are frustrated AF when popular diet programs work for your taller friends… but don’t even get you close to that tiny but mighty bod you’re dying for.
You’re not alone, shorty.

Hey, I’m Kier

The Petite Nutrition & Fitness QUEEN.

I know that petite women like you don’t just want to ‘lose weight’…

You want to tone up to have the *confidence* to wear crop tops on the reg AND maintain that tiny & tight body so that you wake up each morning feeling empowered AF.

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